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Sustainability low carbon and low energy design are important to us personally and professionally


All our project work is approached with sustainability in mind. How to create spaces that are interesting, function as needed for the user and  positively respond to the environment, We think this is the right way to design buildings and spaces.


Most people and aware that natural resources are depleting and energy costs are rising. The global population is increasing adding to the strain. Geo-political issues also have an affect on us.


In 1987 the United Nation released the Brundtland Report which contains the quote regularly used to define sustainability "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’’. 25 years later issues relating to sustainability are more important..


Design is also important to us, every client is different and their needs vary. A simple approach making sure buildings are orientated correctly, maximise natural light and ventilation while minimising heat loss is a good starting point.      


The Third Revolution by Paul Harrison explains how forest dwellers in Malaysia clear areas of the forest to grow food and rear livestock. When they have exhausted the soil,. they move on allowing the forest to grow back. In short they tread lightly on their environment, we try to do the same.



Energy Performance Certificates

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