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New house, Kippen

This project like most starts with a telephone enquiry asking if I am interested in designing a new house for the hopeful new house builders, the answer is always yes. All architectural design projects are interesting in their own way, and this was no exception

New House, Pencaitland

If you have the space, the vision and the budget, you can make the most of a very large garden by building a second property within it. It’s a popular project, with many people choosing to sell one, or even both properties, and others doing it to be close to family.

Fletcher Hall, East Saltoun

Village halls are an important focal point for small, close communities and plans are afoot for the residents of East Saltoun to get a brand new one.

Garden Room, Peebles

We needed to provide more room for the family to grow, whilst at the same time improving rear access to the property. 

St Michaels Cottage

A period property is a wonderful asset, but extending it can be daunting. This gorgeous arts and crafts property features a modern garden room which beautifully complements the existing period home

White Cottage

The charming White Cottage sits on the edge of the Winton Estate and looks out over Red Mains Farm. Sitting within the Pencaitland Conservation Area, it’s a peaceful family home. 

Garden Rooms

There are a number of benefits in having a garden room, not least being the fact that they are a really affordable way of adding space to your current property, without the hassle, stress and expense of selling your house and buying a new one!


Sometimes, when it comes to looking for your perfect home, you realise that you have to build your own dream if you want to get it just right.

Blue Row Cottages

Once modest homes for staff on farms or large estates, today workers’ cottages can make for charming, cosy family properties

Denerigg, West Saltoun

When the owners of Denerigg, an innovative new property in West Saltoun, described their dream home, their requirements were simple and holistic.

Gardeners Cottage, Gattonside

This beautiful and unique home extension in the Scottish Borders is testament to hardwork and vision on the part of the owners, architects and builders


Entrances are  an incredibly important element of any structure. Often the first part of a building that you interact with, they’re the threshold that connects a piece of architecture with the outside world.


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